“Medicine Bundle”

Creator… Great Spirit, I am grateful for my life. You have given me four tools. I use this powerful medicine in a good way with All My Relations. Today, I am impeccable with my thoughts for they are my prayers. Today, I am impeccable with my feelings for they are my fire. Today, I am […]

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Receiving a Divination Reading

From an indigenous perspective, the individual psyche can be healed only by addressing one’s relationship with the visible worlds of nature and community and one’s relationship with the invisible forces of the ancestors and spirit allies. It is in ritual that nature, community, and the spirit world come together to support the inner building of

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“Where Spirit Meets the Bone”

There is a place in the heart of a lionlike that in the heart of a man. Hunting, stalkingScanning over open field… water and rock That which he is searching forIs also searching for him. Years pass…And the passionAnd the single focused determinationHold him to the hunt. Other years pass…And lost in his despair and

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“Into The Mist”

Turn sideways; turn sideways… Into the mist… Into the light… As did those who live in the old stories. Slip beneath the cold, clear surface Through ancestral waters of memory and belonging Learn to live between things… In the subtle fluidity of names and beliefs In a way that keeps your awareness sharpened to the moment.

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“Follow Your Name”

Pay attention… pay attention! Be careful not to distract yourself from yourself by focusing on the obstacles in your life.   Focus on the delivery of your medicine, not on the story’s in your head where you recount your limitations and loss.   To indulge in such self-importance is to avoid taking responsibility for your medicine

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