Reawakening Our Indigenous Wisdom
 Opening A Heart Of Compassion


Ceremonial gatherings for connecting with nature, awakening indigenous wisdom, finding purpose and voice, and drawing together in belonging. Held year-round in Asheville, NC, and the wider world.

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Core training in eco-psychology, ritual process healing, ceremonial initiation and leadership skills for personal growth & professional development. Learn to guide others thru Vision Quest Ceremony.

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Work with Kedar personally in his role as a diviner, healer, and psychotherapist. Introduce yourself with a quick free call, work thru a divination ceremony, or follow up as needed with a personal consultation.

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Kedar S. Brown, M.Ed.

Welcome! Kedar is an international ceremonialist, and cowry shell diviner, a healer, intuitive and teacher of psychological and spiritual awareness with over thirty five years of professional experience.

Kedar is also the founder and director of Rites of Passage Council, an organization offering nature based treatment and professional training programs. In addition to offering retreats, ROPC is working to develop the skills of a next generation of Rites of Passage Guides.