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Kedar has founded the Rites of Passage Council as a conduit for his work. In addition to offering retreats with Kedar, ROPC is working to develop the skills of and certify a next generation of Rites of Passage Guides.

In 2021 this began to bear fruit, as ROPC started offering additional programs designed and facilitated by its certified guides.

ROPC programs facilitated by Kedar are summarized below.

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Can’t Make a Retreat?
Schedule a private divination reading with Kedar

Receiving a Divination is an empowering way to examine what is going on in your life as it relates to your personal medicine and your relationship to ancestors, spirit and community forming a deeper sense of personal identify and belonging within your life. This particular method of divination came from Initiated African Elder, Malidoma Some`

Available Online only at this time. We have paused in-person Divinations in Asheville, NC, USA.

Here are some of the types of events we’re putting together for you. Make sure to signup for the newsletter to get announcements.

The Road Ahead & Awakening The Wild Heart

Our ancient ancestors understood well how to access the wisdom that is etched into the landscape through the fire of living by those who have come before. It is the power of community, ritual and rites of passage that we gain access to the wisdom of the past and the spiritual technology embedded in the stones, rivers, trees and mountains of the land. To awaken what is indigenous is to awaken to a deeper listening and relatedness of understanding to all humans and non-humans.

Join us for this powerful and inspiring weekend of finding our individual and collective voices through poetry, stories, solo time in nature, and individual & group ceremony. Together we will draw upon our own stories as we gather the medicine of clarity, wisdom, healing, and gratitude to live a more authentic and inspired life.

Vision Quest Ceremony

Deep within your soul lies a fire that directs your passion and purpose. Often this flame lies quiet like the ancient whispers of smoldering embers; sometimes directed by those internal voices, not belonging to you, that came from another time and place. You reach out to your brothers and sisters and echo these words: WHO AM I?

This program is limited to 8 participants and 4 qualified apprentices.

Limited to 8 participants

Death Lodge Intensive

Dive deep into your soul work in a safe supportive community. Kedar S. Brown’s group ritual process work “Death Lodge” weaves together Western psychotherapy and somatic therapy with indigenous wisdom, the medicine wheel and elemental ritual.

Grief Ritual and Village 


A powerful four day, three night program centering around a group Grief Ritual designed to help move stagnated grief allow space for joy and inspiration to flood in.

We will go through some deep process work together, spend time re-connecting to the natural world and co-create a beautiful group ceremony. The Grief Ritual is based on traditional grief rituals in Burkina Faso as taught by Elder Malidona Somé.


Training & Initiation in the Ceremonial

Art of Guiding Initiatory Rites of Passage

Awakening evolutionary leadership, indigenous wisdom and heart-full attention in an ever changing world.

This 6 session training program will deepen you into yourself – equipping you to guide others along their own soul path. This program is for those who have already done much of their own soul work, are comfortable in the wilderness and are looking to delve deeper into these realms.

The training covered teachings in Western psychotherapy, indigenous wisdom and ceremony, the medicine wheel, pan-cultural elemental rituals, shamanism, psychic capacities, energy work and the Vision Quest Ceremony.