Embracing Radical Change

This interview is part of the Embracing Radical Change 2018 Global Transformation Event! Are you an agent of Radical Change? Do you know you are meant to make a BIG impact and help to shift the trajectory of our human presence on our planet? Are you ready to break free from the illusions, false ethics, […]

Interview with Kedar S. Brown

Remembering the Truth of Who We Are” An Online Global Event recorded live February 2018      https://youtu.be/Lvz0gWvKdQQ

Awakening Evolutionary Leadership: Deep Dive

Recorded live from a webinar for people interested in participating in the upcoming training program: Training and Initiation in the Ceremonial Art of Guiding Wilderness Rites of Passage. https://youtu.be/eJOPx582ncM

Awakening Evolutionary Leadership: Introduction

An introduction to the Rites of Passage program: Training and Initiation in the Ceremonial Art of Guiding Wilderness Rites of Passage with Kedar S. Brown.      https://youtu.be/JSL7h7oSAlw

Thresholds & Rivercrossings

The Vision Quest Ceremony has been used across cultures for thousands of years to mark thresholds in life and help user us into the next phase. 

The Calling

The Calling rises up from within. It will take form in your life either consciously and intentionally or unconsciously and unintentionally. If you ignore it, it will keep retuning until you heed the call. Kedar S. Brown of Rites of Passage Council describes how people tend to find their way to the Vision Quest Ceremony. […]

The Old Ways

Sitting with stone, Earth and oak   A canopy of birch Above moss covered hallowed ground   A familiar scent Sage burning Smoke spiraling across my face   A mysterious rope Weathered and lichen covered Hanging from the out stretched arm of an ancient oak Seven feet from where I sit Just seven feet…   […]

Where Spirit Meets the Bone

There is a place in the heart of a man like that in the heart of a Lion.   Hunting, stalking scanning over open field… water and rock   That which he is searching for is also searching for him.   Years pass… and the passion and the single focused determination hold him to the hunt. […]

Thresholds and River Crossings

Sometimes, When walking through an ancient rainforest Along the north west Pacific Coast, Deep in the belly of the Olympic Peninsula You suddenly awaken from your well-worn path; You know, that you’ve been walking a long time. A shaft of golden light passes through the trees In just the right way, Anointing the feet of […]

Do Not Search

“Belonging is not thing limited to place, or name, or identify or relationship with another or the story you have about yourself. To give it such importance limits the very essence of the belonging that the wilderness offers up to you. Do not search for the meaning of life, grasp ahold of the experience of […]