Boy’s to Men and Men to Medicine

“Follow Your Name” The reawakening of the initiated masculine. “Video”

“Sacred Deer Meat”

Enjoy this audio recording of the “Sacred Deer Meat” story as Kedar explores the initiatory journey and return to the village.

“The Road Ahead & The Indigenous Heart”

Enjoy this video recording as KaChina Davine of Hummingbird PR interviews Kedar on awakening our indigenous wisdom and opening our hearts of compassion. 

“A Blessing from the Ancestors & A Gift of Medicine Remembered”

Enjoy this video recording as KaChina Davine of Hummingbird PR interviews Kedar about his personal story. 

“A Day Will Come”

A day will come when you only have seven years left to live And you do not know if that day has already come. Who do you chose to be and how do you choose to live in these next seven years? Take a moment and see that now.   A day will come when […]


When the land and the creatures around you  become a place of belonging, You will finally have arrived home.   Oak, raven and hummingbird will know your name. The smell of lilac beside the garden fence  invites you to remember long still summers.   To truly experience belonging  is not a matter of how deeply […]

“Desert Sands At Council Wash”

Old man Juniper Green crusted roots among rock and shale; surrounded with white desert sands offers presence and council.   Old women Ponderosa Pine weathered and blackened by the fires of living. Sweet smelling resin arising between the old story lines  etched into her skin and memory.   Come and sit awhile. they say We will […]

“Arms Wide Open”

To see the trail ahead with fresh eyes As if glimpsing for the first time The beauty around you And with in you   To walk into your life With arms wide open Like eagles wings Spread across warm summer winds   To recognize each other on the path to the holy With smiles and […]

“Spirit Allies”

Keep death as your ally, just over your left shoulder,   To remind you to love fiercely… To remind you to stay awake… To remind you to stand in your integrity without concern for outcome.   To stand in your own medicine because that is the agreement you made with your Ancestors before coming here.” […]

“The Medicine Wheel Turns”

Beautiful ones of the North,
 Spirits, Guardians, Allies, Ancestors, Elders and Story Keepers;
 Winter winds proclaiming … You are enough!   Thank you for teaching us of surrender;  of not being attached to outcome;
  of peace and stillness,
 of prayerfulness and abundance.   Thank you Elk for showing us how to go the distance.  Thank you […]