Personal Consultations

Kedar weaves together deep clinical knowledge of psychotherapy with more ancient modes of healing involving ritual, nature, spirit and connection.

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Kedar can help you heal emotional trauma, deepen important connections, gain insight into your spiritual life, and resolve troubling questions. He provides hour-long personal consultations to both new and ongoing clients.

Getting Started With Kedar

Kedar offers a variety of ways to engage and begin your work together… including free introductory calls, Private Divination readings, and group programs thru Rites of Passage Council.

Intro Call

Kedar is happy to do a free, 20 minute introductory call to quickly get to know each other, hear what you are looking for, and figure the best path forward.

Private Divination

An in-depth consultation offering insight and perspective into your spiritual life, along with prescriptive rituals for moving forward.

How Can Kedar Help You?

Kedar offers offer a range of nature based ritual & ceremonial experiences for healing and awakening personal vision by braiding together applied depth psychology and shamanic methods healing. He also offers training for other healing practitioners in the art of guiding ceremonial rites of passage.

  • Move through critical life transitions and evolutions.
  • Seek your personal vision to bring back to your family and community.
  • Enhance creativity and ignite your inner fire for your life again.
  • Move beyond unresolved grief and loss.
  • Deepen your meaning and purpose in life.
  • Use more effective communication skills.
  • Connect more deeply to Nature and your inner nature.
  • Deepen your compassion in personal relationships.
  • Move from feeling/being stuck in your recovery process.
  • Replace feelings of anxiety and depression with peace.
  • Experience the connection within community life.
  • Healing release for Ancestral trauma and grief.
  • Experience shamanic healing methods.
  • Create personal ceremony and ritual to honor and celebrate important life passages and decisions for yourself and your family.
  • Develop more confidence in yourself and your leadership ability.
  • Broaden your professional scope of healing practice.

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