“Arms Wide Open”

To see the trail ahead with fresh eyes

As if glimpsing for the first time

The beauty around you

And with in you


To walk into your life

With arms wide open

Like eagles wings

Spread across warm summer winds


To recognize each other on the path to the holy

With smiles and warmth

Like bright autumn leaves… reds and gold’s

Circling in river eddies beneath maple and birch


To sit with the mystery and stillness

Of cracking fires on winter nights

Smell of cedar, warm cup of tea

Favorite blanket and a good book


To feel deeply and completely

the invocations of Spring

Cresting the lunar horizon at Imbolk


Calling us once again

To sing… to laugh… to dance!

May the road ahead be one of wonder, beauty and grace.


~Kedar Brown Oct. 27th 2015

Written for Lynn on her birthday 2015