Do Not Search

“Belonging is not thing limited to place, or name, or identify or relationship with another or the story you have about yourself. To give it such importance limits the very essence of the belonging that the wilderness offers up to you. Do not search for the meaning of life, grasp ahold of the experience of […]

Remembering and Living Your Gift

Practical Steps Beliefs: Your beliefs inform your reality. Examine any limiting beliefs you have about yourself as a valuable and necessary part of your family and community. Focus: Write down these limiting beliefs. Then, rewrite a belief that is more affirmative. Remember, your brain will not process negatives. If you only focus on what you don’t […]

Receiving a Divination Reading

From an indigenous perspective, the individual psyche can be healed only by addressing one’s relationship with the visible worlds of nature and community and one’s relationship with the invisible forces of the ancestors and spirit allies. It is in ritual that nature, community, and the spirit world come together to support the inner building of […]

What is a Rite of Passage or Vision Quest Ceremony?

The Calling  Deep within your soul lies a fire that directs your passion and purpose. Often the flame lies quiet like the ancient whispers of smoldering embers; sometimes being directed by those internal voices that came from another time and place and do not belong to you. You reach out to your brothers and sisters […]