Follow Your Name

My name is Kedar Brown. I was born in Savannah, Georgia on February 21st 1960. During the first seven years of my life, I grew up just over the bridge from the small town of Thunderbolt on Wilmington Island. My back yard; “the bluff” we called it as kids or rather my mother did when she would warn us; “stay away from the bluff ”. It descended into the tidal creeks that adjoined our back yard.

I learned to swim before I can remember. My early childhood was alive with the smell of saltwater marsh, earthy woodlands, shrimp boats and adventure. The bluff with its live oaks, low hanging Spanish moss, and the dry oyster bed at the base of an old black walnut tree by the water’s edge had a magical allure. It was etched into my psyche by my mother’s warnings and some ancient calling, residue of DNA from a more wild, indigenous self… a call to the edge, to initiation, set to awaken at a later time in my life. Keep Reading>>>