“The Medicine Wheel Turns”

Beautiful ones of the North,

Spirits, Guardians, Allies, Ancestors,

Elders and Story Keepers;

Winter winds proclaiming … You are enough!


Thank you for teaching us of surrender; 

of not being attached to outcome;

of peace and stillness,

of prayerfulness and abundance.


Thank you Elk for showing us

how to go the distance. 

Thank you Buffalo for teaching us

of abundance and generosity.


Thank you for the silence between the heart beats

For roots that grow deeper.

For teaching us how to surrender so deeply

that Spring simply shows up

because we let go enough.


Moving across the water now

The drums call in the distance 


Sage burns at the threshold between Ashe and Oak

Spirits of the North…

Reminding us 

to look for the Open Door.


By Kedar Brown Dec. 21, 2007