Remembering and Living Your Gift

Practical Steps

Beliefs: Your beliefs inform your reality. Examine any limiting beliefs you have about yourself as a valuable and necessary part of your family and community.

Focus: Write down these limiting beliefs. Then, rewrite a belief that is more affirmative. Remember, your brain will not process negatives. If you only focus on what you don’t want, you will get more of what you don’t want. Focus on what you want.

Impeccability: Take complete responsibility for your thoughts, feelings, words and actions. Discipline your mind to not ask questions to which you already know the answer.

Pay Attention: Notice the point where your passion for living meets a particular need of your community. The three most important things you can do is, “Pay Attention”, “Pay Attention” and “Pay Attention”.

Action: The difference between those who simply know what their gifts are and those whose life is an expression of those gifts is consistent ACTION! Take some action each day toward living the vision of who you are and giving your gift.

Gratitude: Your thoughts are your prayers. Be mindful of what energy you are sending out and attracting to yourself. An attitude of gratitude is a gift to yourself and will assist you in creating the life you want.

The Inward Journey: At some time in your life you will undertake the inward journey of self-discovery. You must learn to apprentice yourself to yourself. You can do this consciously and intentionally or unconsciously and accidentally. However, make no mistake, you will be taking this journey.

One way of doing this is having an extended solo time in the wilderness with focused intent.