Here are some comments from Kedar’s clients…

Kedar is one of those people who goes the extra mile. He has so much wisdom and experience and he shares it willingly. Thank you ❤️

~ Theresa Kelleher, USA

I have listened to Kedar’s teachings and medicine for a couple of years. It has been very helpful and he is continuing to help me with his wisdom in my quest to understand my spiritual side.

~ Catherine Meikle, Scotland

I never met Kedar in person, do not know much about him, but when I listened to his interview during Mother Earth Summit, I appreciated his wisdom and peacefulness. I asked for free consultation and after 20 min. with feeling of being understood and directed to the right practice, I am looking forward to divination session in a near future.

~ Anna Krakowski, Australia

In gratitude… Thank you Kedar for an incredible divination reading. The insights you shared spoke to me deeply and assisted me in gaining clarity on deepening my shamanic work and connecting with my benevolent ancestors and the medicine they want to share with me. I appreciate all the wisdom and guidance you provided, especially since I had so many questions! I look forward to working with you again. Thank you for being you in your radiant light.

~ Elaine B Canepa, USA

Amazing! Kedar and I had a session yesterday and I was really amazed at the wisdom and insight he shared. The divinaiton was so spot on with how everything was placed and the meaning of the placements. There was so much that I know I’ll be looking at my video for a long time and continuing to get wisdom and insight though it. Kedar always had me looking to the deepest meaning and guided me lovingly and gently so I always felt safe and supported. Thank you Kedar I’m excited we met!!!! And will be seeing you again soon:. )

~ Laura Rose Doctor, USA

Thank you! We had a 20 minute session today because I am feeling called to the vision quests and potentially apprenticing the wilderness rites of passage program. It was helpful to learn more about Kedar’s own journey into this path of service, as stories are ultimately the most telling and give such illumination to how a person has been formed in this life. After the call I had such a wonderful day; felt so in tune with the earth and encouraged to be more aware of all presence. It is helpful to develop psychic cords with elders. I have some spiritual elders in my life, but none really for the direct wilderness transmissions. I feel Kedar will be a very grounded guide with great integrity to create a bond with. I remembered today in the woods that when I was younger growing up in the woods, my favorite thing to do was lead my friends “off trail” or away from the edges of the forests, guiding them deeper into the magic and safely returning them home, as I have always had deep trust in my connection with the beings of the forest. Thanks for the chat today Kedar! 🙂

~ Mary Gellen, USA

Couples divination… My boyfriend and I saw Kedar yesterday. I was amazed by the way he pinpointed certain areas of our lives we need to work on to clear our paths to create more of a connection to source and to eachother. I am forever grateful for his wisdom, grace and powerful insight.

~ J. Anya Harris, DC, USA

An extraordinary man! My session with Kedar changed my life. He has the eyes of a hawk and the grounding of a bear. During our brief 20 minute talk he was able to give clarity to one of the most powerful moments of my life and helping ground myself in that knowing. He is perceptive, loving, wise and clear in his words and his awareness all while holding a sacred space for growth and transformation. He in a mensch and walks his talk with an open heart. Thank you Kedar.

~ Akana Mandate, USA

Journey into courage, strength and fierceness. Much of what Kedar told me in my divination session confirmed my own inner knowing. However, there were new aspects, which Kedar shed light on, that I feel are of the greatest value for the delivery of my medicine. I was most of my former life in hiding and all must be left behind now to step into the powerful new story, which opens up before me in this moment. Indeed, our greatest fear is of our own power and greatness! Seeing the huge support, I was given, I feel much stronger now to step out and be known and seen. My next step has been revealed, as has a new name: Astrid Lightning Song. Such is the power of my singing. The world is enriched through Kedar´s presence! I miss Elders like him very much and can’t thank him enough for his gentle and unobtrusive guidance during my divination. I wish very much for a meeting one day in the not too distant future, as Kedars teachings feel so connected to my heart. Kedar, I bow to you in gratitude and honouring! Walk in Beauty!

~ Astrid Zimmermann, USA

Faith, Acceptance, and Healing. This review is from my Mother, Linda Taylor. “My divination with Kedar allowed me to experience his truly compassionate heart, and his genuine desire to guide and heal. He has given me comfort, understanding, hope, and the courage to resolve long held pain. I am so thankful to have connected with Kedar and to finally see a path to peace in my life.”

~ Janet Bradley, USA

Opening to a Deep Dive… The divination I was gifted by Kedar shone a light on areas of my life that perhaps need to be explored, areas I was unaware that need tending. Kedar went beyond the actual divination to offer a ritual that would be profoundly helpful in this tending. Now to get busy creating the set and setting for this ritual that very likely will be life changing! Thank you, Kedar, for your kindness and thoughtfulness.

~ Janet Bradley, USA

My divination with Kedar was far more than I ever could have imagined! It was enlightening and revelatory, sharing new and essential information, as well as confirmative of healing work I have been doing. In addition, he offered actionable advice and deep healing rituals to continue on my healing journey, in a way far deeper than any other work I’ve done before. I highly recommend Kedar-his healing presence and the depth of his gifts are life changing. I am grateful to him for this transformative experience.

~ Gina Sager, MD, USA

Kedar amazed me with his divination practice and was able to point out my relationships with ancestors, my place in current life and how I need to move forward. It was a beautiful experience and I suggest it is something everyone does that is lead to Kedar. 

~DeeAnn Phillips, Hawaii