Vision Quest Registration

Registration information and reservations are now taken thru the Rites of Passage Council.

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This eleven day ceremonial village encampment includes:

  •  Experiencing village life
  •  Sweat Lodge Ceremony
  •  Shamanic Healing Methods
  •  Drumming, movement, poetry
  •  Four seasonal shields of initiation
  •  Initiatory states of consciousness
  •  Healing for life transitions / crisis
  •  Use of initiatory symbols and objects
  •  Training in indigenous healing practices
  •  Personal myth making and storytelling
  •  Four days and nights Vision Quest ceremony
  •  Self and group generated ceremony and ritual
  •  Psychodynamics of fasting, exposure and solitude
  •  Elemental rituals: Fire, Water, Earth, Mineral, Nature
  •  Ritual process, body centered, group psychotherapy
  •  Techniques of severance, threshold and incorporation 

“Kedar is truly a gifted healer. His work is a brilliant blend of psychology, spirituality, ecology, and anthropology. He counsels and teaches with wisdom, compassion, humor, and authenticity and inspires others to seek their own inner gifts in order to find and follow their own paths. I consider myself blessed to be counted among his friends and students.” —Marilyn Wolf, M.Ed. LPC Past President, Licensed Professional Counselors Association of NC

Who can benefit from attending?

People from all walks of life with a desire to:

  •  Move through critical life transition and crisis
  •  Seek your personal vision to bring back to your family and community
  •  Enhance creativity and ignite your inner fire for your life again
  •  Move beyond unresolved grief and loss
  •  Deepen your meaning and purpose in life
  •  Use more effective communication skills
  •  Connect more deeply to Nature and your inner nature
  •  Deepen your compassion in personal relationships
  •  Move from feeling stuck in your recovery process
  •  Replace feelings of anxiety and depression with peace
  •  Experience the connection within community life
  •  Healing release for ancestral trauma and grief
  •  Experience shamanic healing methods
  •  Create personal rituals to honor life passages for yourself and your family
  •  Develop more confidence in yourself and your leadership ability
  •  Broaden your professional scope of healing practice.

The Corrine Scholarship Fund

Corrine was a spirited, gifted, and beautifully present elder of the Rites of Passage Council. In August of 2001 Corrine crossed the final threshold into the wilderness of Spirit. Through Corinne’s love of nature and connection with people, she brought comfort and healing to many hearts and spirits. In honor of Corrine we have established a scholarship fund for our programs. 

If you would like to make a tax deductible offering for future scholarships please contact Kedar. If you would like to apply for scholarship assistance send us your written request describing your need for a scholarship and how much financial assistance you are requesting. 

Please be aware that receiving scholarship assistance is dependent on our having scholarship money available and the order in which we receive your request.
Scholarship Donations: Tax Deductible donations will go directly to participant’s enrollment tuition for future programs. Donations are payable to the Rites of Passage Council, Inc.

“As I find my own way, and am present with others on this journey, I believe, without reservation, in the strength and courage of the human spirit and in our ability for transformation.” —Corrine