Vision Quest Severance

There are three phases to the Vision Quest ceremony: Severance, Threshold and Incorporation.

Rites of Passage: Shamanic Ritual Healing

One does not undertake the hero or heroine journey without clear intention. Every rite of passage runs opposite the flow of life in that it begins with the symbolic or mythological death. In many indigenous cultures it was understood that one must make good, or complete all unfinished business before their death or what was not completed would follow them into their next life passage. 

Being able to connect more deeply to the wonder and beauty of life and the natural world around us has often been a reflection of one’s own ability to connect and understand more fully their own inner nature, the beliefs and values that have been carried with one consciously or unconsciously since childhood. Within the sacred space of ceremony and ritual we will use the seasonal aspects of nature as our backdrop and guide for exploring the dispirited thresholds of your life. 

Through an eco-spiritual process we will assist you in releasing repressed emotions and old belief patterns that no longer serve you. This will enable you to identify, with clear intention, the passage of your life that you are ready to mark as you enter the threshold phase of your initiation. It is here that we will guide you in embracing new ways of living, loving and learning.

Purification Lodge Ceremony

The prayer lodge or sweat lodge, as it is often called, is a primary method of prayer, purification, and preparation for ceremony and Vision Quests. Various forms of this ancient ceremony have existed in many cultures and traditions all over the world. This ceremony will be part of your intentional preparation in moving toward your solo time with nature.

Psychodynamics of Wilderness Fasting

We will guide you in understanding the symbolic nature of what lies ahead, along with the various ceremonial aspects of the initiatory process. We also will teach you the necessary physical knowledge of wilderness safety. You will be prepared emotionally, physically and spiritually to enter the solo phase of your initiation.