“Where Spirit Meets the Bone”

There is a place in the heart of a lion
like that in the heart of a man.

Hunting, stalking
Scanning over open field… water and rock

That which he is searching for
Is also searching for him.

Years pass…
And the passion
And the single focused determination
Hold him to the hunt.

Other years pass…
And lost in his despair and surrender
The hunt will not let him go.

This destination for the lion and the man
Is not marked by arrivals or acquisitions.

It is the place where Spirit Meets the Bone;
The place of action, beauty and love
Un-shadowed by thought.

Easing forward…
Held by grace, guided by faith

To touch the unknown
Where one can only hear
The undecipherable whispers
Of the unknowable.

There is a place
In that the heart of a man…

~Kedar S. Brown   June 2014